All about MyPetSays Functional Dog Treats

Your dog probably loves a treat as much as you love treating them! However, overindulging can increase their risk of gaining weight and developing health issues. This is where our Functional Dog Treats come into play. Discover how you can still reward your dog with treats whilst keeping them fit and healthy.

The unhealthy side of dog treats

It is estimated that 6 million pets have treats as part of their daily diet, including leftovers of human food. Although pet owners feed their dogs treats out of love, this can actually have consequences and lead to overweight animals.

It is essential for pets to keep fit and healthy through a balanced diet to prolong their life and avoid obesity-related illness. 

However, it is possible to still reward your dog with a treat without putting their health at risk. This is exactly why our Functional Treats range has been created.

The benefits of our Functional Treats

In pursuit of a more proactive approach to keeping your dog healthy, our Functional Treats are a more conscious alternative for letting them indulge without the risks.

Delicious and nutritious, our healthy treats provide 5 specific functional benefits to enhance your dog's health and wellbeing.  

Note: although these are labelled "Functional Dog Treats", they are also perfectly benefitial to cats!

Which Functional Dog Treat for your dog?

Calming Treats

These are ideal for pets who get easily stressed and show signs of anxiety. Containing Lavender, Camomile and Probiotics, the Calming recipe has been formulated to help alleviate stress, nervousness and aid digestion for dogs and cats at all life stages.

Immune Treats

These treats have been formulated to help support your pet's immune system and promote overall health. The Immune Treats contain a blend of immune-boosting ingredients such as omega 3, probiotics and vitamins.

Digestive Treats

Good digestion is crucial for a pet’s health so that they absorb all the nutrients. Containing prebiotics, probiotics and fibre, our Digestive Treats help promote healthy gut movement and support the growth of good bacteria.

Skin & Coat Treats

The skin and coat form the single largest organ of a pet’s body and is the first protective barrier from the outside. These Skin & Coat treats contain omega 3, moisturising agents, Zinc and Biotin to keep your pet's coat resistant and shiny all year round.

Dental Treats

Pets’ teeth can suffer from tartar build-up, which may also contribute to bad breath. Our Dental Treats contain Green Tea extract, Activated Charcoal and Peppermint amongst other ingredients, promoting good oral health for dogs and cats at all life stages.