Autumn Dog Avice: top tips to keep your pooch happy & healthy

It's time to say goodbye to Summer and get ready for the colder months to come. Check out our top dog care tips, Autumn edition.

Autumn Dog Care Tips 

Keep your pooch visible in the dark

If you're not always able to walk your do when it's still light outside, it might be a good idea to get them a reflective jacket or collar so that drivers and cyclists can notice them easily. 

Manage their weight

Walks tend to be shorter during the colder months which could lead to weight gain if your pooch's activity levels decrease.

Make sure to monitor their food intake, follow the recommended serving sizes and avoid giving them too many treats. If they're going outside less, make up for it by keeping them as active as possible indoors. 

Keep them warm and cozy

Older and smaller dogs feel the cold even more, so make sure to wrap them up indoors and outdoors.

Thermal dog jackets are really effective to keep your pooch warm during their daily walks.

In your home, ensure your pooch's bedding is in a warm and insulated room and keep a few extra blankets available to them.

Avoid anti-freeze

Pets tend to love the taste of anti-freeze but it doesn't love them back... This product is indeed highly poisonous to cats and dogs and can cause kidney failure or even death.

If your dog is showing any of the following symptoms: vomiting, seizure, difficulty breathing, uncoordination, seek urgent care immediately. 

We'll be sharing more Autumn and Winter tips as we progress into the colder months. Visit our blog every week for new blog posts and follow us on Pinterest for even more tips!