Introducing Danish Design Dog Beds

We are proud to announce that we are now stocking the stylish, comfy and eco-friendly Danish Design dog beds (some cat beds too)! If you haven't heard about the brand before, let us tell you about it.

Who are Danish Design?

It doesn't sound like it but Danish Design is actually a British brand based in Yorkshire. They have been carefully designing and producing pet beds (for both dogs and cats) for over 30 years, which gives them the expertise to create high quality and functional pet beds.

The Danish Design mission

Not only their bed collections are all incredibly stylish and comfy but also eco-friendly. Indeed, Danish Design pride themselves in recycling over 90% of their waste and using 100% recycled fibre in the manufacture of their beds.

Their recycled PET flake is produced by shredding plastic bottles. They are then cleansed and heated to transform into a liquid which will turn into a fibre when cooled. This fibre is processed through the carding facility in the factory.

By doing this, Danish Design are stopping 8 million plastic bottles from reaching our natural environment including the oceans. 

By buying a Danish Design bed you're giving your pet the comfort it deserves but you also contribute to protecting the planet and are making a responsible purchase. 

We've featured below our favourite Danish Design collections. Discover the entire range here. 

The FatFace by Danish Design collection

The Puppy Bed


The Vintage Collection


 The Cat Beds