5 reasons to choose MyPetSays Superfood 65: high quality range for super healthy dogs!

Superfood 65 is our finest, highest quality dog food range to date. Packed with 65% animal content (including at least 35% freshly prepared fish or meat) and healthy superfoods, this range keeps your dog's palate happy and body healthy.

PS: to read all about the range, the recipes and the provenance of the animal content, head over to this Superfood 65 blog post!

5 reasons to choose MyPetSays Superfood 65

British Provenance

The animal content is responsibly source from local farms for not only the best possible taste but also the most nutritionally rich and healthiest recipes.

The Superfood range has 7 different recipes with 5 provenances: Angus Beef, British Free Range Chicken, English Country Duck, British Grass-Fed Lamb and Scottish Salmon.

Superfood Blend

Each recipe features a blend of  5 carefully selected superfoods which present their own health benefits, from supporting bone health to digestion, collagen synthesis for strong joints and more!

Naturally Occurring Collagen

Naturally found in freshly prepared ingredients, Collagen helps maintain healthy joints and skin.

Digestive Health

We have added Pre-biotics MOS and FOS which encourage the growth of healthy gut bacteria in order to support digestion.

Grain Free Recipe

All our Superfood 65 recipes are formulated without grains and suitable for dogs who are sensitive, intolerant or allergic to grains.

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