MyPetSays subscriptions are completely flexible and you can subscribe to any of our products. You can also pause deliveries, update your delivery address, cancel your subscription, or perform lots of other actions with your subscription at any time.

Create a subscription

To create a subscription, simply visit any of our product pages and:
  1. Choose “Subscribe & Save
  2. Select the flavour, size and the quantity you want to add to your subscription
  3. Choose the frequency you want to receive your delivery, for example one month
  4. Click on Add to cart

This will take you to the cart page, where you can review your order and proceed to the secure checkout.

Create an account

To manage your subscriptions, you need to have a MyPetSays account.

  1. You can also access this page via the menu or the footer
  2. Enter the required details (First Name, Last Name, Email, Password)
  3. Tick the box on the reCAPTCHA page to confirm you’re not a robot

You will now be taken to your personal account area, where you can manage every aspect of your subscription.

You can change delivery dates, payment information, products you want to receive, and much more.

Your account overview page

Now you’re in your Subscription area.

You have quick access to the main functionalities of the account at the centre of the screen.

  • Your upcoming delivery –  a quick summary of your next delivery
  • Subscriptions – manage your existing subscriptions. This is the main hub where you can change all aspects of your subscription.
  • Upcoming deliveries - a list of all your future deliveries, ordered by date
  • Order history – view your previous orders and subscriptions
  • Payment methods – manage your payment methods. Add, remove, and set as preferred
  • Addresses - manage, edit and create delivery addresses
  • Sign out – log out of your account

Manage your subscription

This menu enables you to change all aspects of your subscriptions. 

Edit subscription

This function enables you to:

  • Change the quantities and flavours of products in your subscription
  • Change next order date of your subscription - i.e. when your next order of MyPetSays will be dispatched
  • Change the delivery interval of your subscription - change how often you receive your MyPetSays orders
  • Change the delivery address - choose where you want to receive your MyPetSays delivery
  • Please note, when changing the delivery date to today, your order may take up to 24 hours to process. 


Put your subscription on hold, for example if you are going on holiday, or have enough MyPetSays to last you a bit longer. 

You will be able to resume your subscription at any point from the same menu when you want to receive your MyPetSays again.


If you would like to stop receiving a certain product, you can cancel a subscription anytime. Just click Cancel select a cancellation reason, and confirm.