Discover 3 new MyPetSays Superfood 65 Turkey Recipe for Puppy & Small Breed!

Following the success of our two original Superfood 65 Free-range Turkey & Pork recipes, we are proud to release THREE new versions of this flavour. Discover them in this blog post!

New to our Superfood 65 range?

Superfood 65 is our finest, most premium range featuring the highest meat/fish content. Every recipe contains 65% meat or fish with at least 35% freshly prepared.

We use our unique Freshtrusion™ process to gently cook the valuable protein, replicating hand-cooking to preserve both the taste and nutrients. We add a blend of 5 nutritious superfoods for a delicious and well-balance recipe your dog will love and benefit from.

Our MyPetSays Superfood 65 range is grain-free!

MyPetSays Superfood 65 Puppy Free Range Turkey & Pork

With this new puppy version, your dog doesn't need to wait until they reach adult age to enjoy this delicious Free Range Turkey & Pork Superfood recipe!

Just like the adult version, this recipe boasts 65% total turkey and pork with a minimum of 35% freshly prepared Free-range turkey. It is naturally rich in Collagen to maintain healthy joints and skin for growing puppies.

This puppy recipe has added Omega 3 supplement to support puppies' cognitive and visual development. 

Superfood 65 Adult Dog Light Small Breed Free Range Turkey & Pork

This is a lighter alternative to our original recipe that is especially designed for small breed adult dogs.

Featuring 65% total turkey and pork with at least 35% freshly prepared Free-range turkey, it's a low-fat recipe (11% fat content) that helps your small breed dog maintain or get back to a healthy weight.

This recipe is rich in Collagen which is beneficial for joints and skin. It also contains our added Joint Care Pack to support the cartilage of overweight dogs.

Superfood 65 Senior Dog Small Breed Free Range Turkey & Pork

This version is specifically designed for older, small breed dogs.

As always it contains 65% total turkey and pork with a minimum of 35% freshly prepared Free-range turkey. It is a low-fat recipe (11% fat content) which helps your senior small breed dog maintain a healthy weight.

Not only is this recipe naturally rich in Collagen (great for joints and skin), but it also features our Joint Care Pack to support the cartilage of senior dogs. Finally, we added L-Carnitine which helps with weight management of older dogs.

The Superfood blend in our MyPetSays Superfood 65 Turkey recipes.

Our all Superfood 65 Free-range Turkey & Pork recipes have the same nutritious superfood blend:

  • Parsley: Source of Vitamin K for healthy bones
  • Papaya: Source of Vitamin C to support the immune system.
  • Nettle: Source of Iron to support the circulatory system
  • Courgette: Source of Vitamin B3 which helps with nutrient metabolism
  • Pumpkin: Source of Vitamin A to help maintain healthy vision

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