Do you know these small dogs breeds?

The Pug, Dachshund, Cavalier King Charles and Chihuahua are amongst the most well-known small dogs, but there are plenty of other small breeds that, although slightly less popular, would make great family dogs! Here are three of them.


Small but mighty, the Affenpinscher was originally bred to get rid of rats in Germany in the 17th century. It later became a companion (whilst keeping kitchen mice at bay).

This small dog has a fun personality, loves indoor playing and only needs moderate walking, which makes it a great dog if you live in a flat.

Chinese Crested

Not extremely uncommon, but not very popular either, the Chinese Crested wasn't actually born in China. The breed is thought to either come from an African or Mexican background and was reduced in size through breeding.

The Chinese Crested makes a great family pet. They don't need much exercise, love to sit on your lap and interact with kids. However this toy breed can be prone to injury so they might not be the best companion for toddlers.


Born in Belgium, the Schipperke was bred to be a shipboard exterminator. Nowadays it isn't very popular in the UK but has a very distinctive black coat with pointy ears, a thick ruffle of fur on their neck and often a curled tail.

Curious and full of beans, the Schipperke requires a lot of physical activity and would thrive in an active family with a big garden or enough green space around.

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