dog paw care dry paws remedy

Dog paws can easily become dry, rough or even cracked for several reasons, mainly environmental. Here are some effective and natural paw care tips to keep them healthy all year round.

The role of dog paw pads

The pads are essential to protect your pooch's paws in their everyday life. Paw pads are also a key indicator of your dog's health. Indeed, paws can show signs of dermatologic issues (such as hyperkeratosis when the skin produces too much keratin) or even liver diseases.
This is because the paw pads cells have a high turnover rate and they can therefore be the first ones to indicate that something isn't quite right.
We recommend taking your pooch to the vets if their paws don't get in better shape despite all your efforts to pamper them.

The 4 main causes for dry paw pads

Walking on hot pavement during Summer is one of the main reasons can damage your dog's paws and create unpleasant blisters. To avoid this problem, walk your dog early in the morning or when the air has cooled down at night.

On the other hand, Winter can cause your dog's paws to dry because of the cold air.

Exposure to chemicals whether it's de-icing salts in Winter or fertilizer in Spring and Summer can also harm their delicate paws. Not to mention that these toxic products can cause bigger problems than dry paws if they're ingested. That's why we recommend wiping off their paws after they've been outside and before they get a chance to lick them!

Have you noticed that your dog seems to have itchy paws? This might be a sign of allergy. Scratching and nibbling paws can lead to cracks. It's important to heal these as soon as possible to avoid infections.

What do healthy paws look like?

Touch your dog's paws. Do they feel soft and smooth? No sign of abrasion? That is a healthy paw.

It's normal for paws to get dry or rough from time to time but they should then be moisturised to help them get back to normal.

It's important to use a natural remedy because your dog will inevitably lick their paws and ingesting toxic ingredients could make them sick.

We are proud to stock Natural Dog Company range of products, formulated with all-natural ingredients. The Paw Soother is one of their best seller for a reason: it does wonders to your dog's paws, restoring softness and moisture like no other product.
Paw Soother is a herbal-based moisturising solution that soothes and protects your dog's paw pads from the environment.

This ultra effective remedy is formulated with a blend of nourishing organic butters (Cocoa, Shea) and hydrating organic oils (Grape Seed, Jojoba, Sunflower, Hempseed) as well as Vitamin E.

Apply this natural paw balm to your dog's paw pads and watch them heal in just a few days!

If your dog has healthy paws and you want to keep them that way, use  as a preventive option before taking your pooch on an adventure to the beach, in the snow or warm pavement. This stick is also packed with natural ingredients that create a protective barrier against the environment. 

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