Dogs and house cleaning products: safety tips

House cleaning products are home essentials, but they can be toxic to dogs. Here are some tips on how to ensure that cleaning products are not putting your dog at risk.

Pay attention to the labels 

Labels and packaging usually tell you if a product is safe to be used around pets and sometimes gives indications on how to use it safely.

For instance, some products are not safe at the moment they are being used but it becomes inoffensive once it has completely dried.

Prefer non-toxic products

Nowadays there are more and more non-toxic cleaning brands. But it's still important to carefully read the label as they could still hurt your dog if consumed or sniffed.

Even natural products such as essential oils or home made cleaning supplies can be dangerous.

Keep products out of reach

Just like you would do with a toddler in the house! Dogs are curious, they love to sniff, lick and play with anything. The best way to prevent any hazard is to store your cleaning supplies in a cupboard that is out of reach, or to have a lock on the cupboard.