How strong is dogs' sense of taste?
Dogs have about 1700 taste buds on their tongue, versus 9000 for us humans.
However, this doesn’t mean that dogs can't taste much. They can taste sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter foods.

Can dogs taste water?

Dogs are also able to taste water with special taste buds on the tip of their tongue that react to water as they drink.
They become sensitive when a dog is thirsty, prompting them to drink more.

What about their sense of smell?

Dogs' sense of smell is incredibly more developed than humans'. Indeed, dogs have 125 million sensory glands in their nose as opposed to "only" 5 to 10 million glands in humans.

This strong sense of smell plays a big role in how dogs experience food and why they are so sensitive to food odours.

Just like humans, dogs have the ability to be drawn to certain flavours and odours. They might also really enjoy a certain flavour for a while then get tired of it!

Food for every dog

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