How to keep your dog calm during a thunderstorm

It's not rare for dogs, especially puppies, to become agitated when they hear the thunder. Here are our top tips to help you keep your dog calm during the next thunderstorm. 

Keeping your dog calm during a thunderstorm

Plan ahead

If you can, ensure your pooch has stretched their legs and been to the toilet before the storm starts.

Create a hiding spot

You can put together some sort of a den by putting a sheet above their crate. Or turn a large cupboard or small room into a hiding spot, filled with blankets, toys, water... A cardboard box with familiar objects can even do the trick for small pooches.

Shutting the windows & curtains will also help your dog feel safe.

Cover the noise

Look up for white noise playlists or turn the TV on, so that your pooch gets distracted from the outside noises. 

Keep cool

As your dog can feel your anxiety, do your best to stay calm yourself. Watch your body language, talk with a quiet & soothing voice. The more normal you act, the less disturbed they will be!

Distractions welcome

It's important to let your pooch go where they feel comfortable and let them hide if they want to. But if they come out of their den, cuddle them and play with them, using their favourite toys. When they start paying less attention to the storm, it's time to give them a treat.