Introducing the new MyPetSays Connoisseur Cat Food Range

Introducing Connoisseur, our new range of irresistible, high protein recipes for cats at all life stages.

The four Connoisseur recipes have been formulated with the finest freshly prepared animal protein sources as well as added functional ingredients to support your cat’s health.

The benefits of MyPetSays Connoisseur Range

  • 70% total high quality animal content
  • At least 30% freshly prepared protein
  • Added prebiotics for better nutrient absorption
  • Specific recipes tailored to the nutritional needs of kittens, neutered/sterilised adult and senior cats.
  • Added benefits such as hairball care, urinary tract health and heart health depending on the recipes.

MyPetSays Connoisseur Recipes

MyPetSays Connoisseur Adult Cat Food - Turkey & Chicken

This delicious recipe is designed to meet the nutritional needs of your adult cat. It contains Turkey and Chicken, two lean protein sources rich in essential amino acids and essential nutrients contributing to overall health. It also features added cellulose for to reduce the formation of hairballs.

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MyPetSays Connoisseur Kitten Food - Turkey & Chicken

This recipe will help your kitten grow into healthy cats. It features Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, supporting the early stages of brain and eye development. It also has added vitamin E to help your kitten build their immune defences.

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MyPetSays Connoisseur Sterilised Adult Cat Food - Chicken, Tuna & Salmon

This recipe is made for sterilised/neutered adult and senior cats. It contains three high quality, lean proteins that keep the fat content under 12% as well as added L-Carnitine to help regulate your cat's weight. This recipe also features added beet pulp for better digestion.

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Connoisseur Sterilised Adult Cat Food - Salmon & White Fish

Another recipe specially formulated for sterilised/neutered adult and senior cats. With at least 30% freshly prepared fish and a delicious taste of salmon, this recipe will be fish lover's favourite! Not only does it help with weight management and digestion, but it also prevents hairballs and supports urinary tract health.

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