Top tips to keeping your dog calm during Halloween and Bonfire Nights

Whilst the spooky season is fun for most humans, it's not always dogs' favourite time of the year and it can even trigger some serious anxiety. Although we don't know how much fun we'll be able to have this year during a global pandemic, there might still be a few fireworks in your neighbourhood. Here are our top tips to help you keep your dog calm and safe during Halloween and Bonfire Nights.

Why are so many dogs experiencing Halloween anxiety?

Sounds are the main culprits. Phobia to the sound of fireworks is a much more common issue than we think.

Is your dog repeatedly trying to hide or run away, circling, rolling over or drooling? These can be signs of sound anxiety.

Top tips for stress-free Halloween and Bonfire Nights

  • Avoid taking your nervous dog to firework displays. Trying to get them used to it will not solve the problem and will most likely cause further stress.
  • You could try to get your pooch to wear dog-friendly ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones
  • White noise from the TV can help them keep calm
  • On fireworks nights, shut all the doors, windows and blinds.
  • Ensure your dog has a safe room (or set up a den) with blankets, their favourite toys and treats.

What to avoid on Halloween and Bonfire Nights


  • Make sure your walk your dog before the night falls and the noise starts.
  • Don't force your pooch to wear a costume if they are already stressed out.
  • Keep your candy and chocolate stash out of your dog's reach as they might be hard to digest (at least) or even poisonous (at worst)