Why your dog sneezes

Dog sneezes are quite cute! Your pooch can sneeze for multiple reasons, sometimes even just to get your attention! Here are the most common sneeze triggers.

Why do dogs sneeze?

The main cause is when they inhaled something that's irritating their nose, such as grass or dirt. Dog sneezes can also be triggered by strong fragrance or household products.

Allergies are another common reason. For instance, an allergy to pollen can make your pooch sneeze.

Did you know that sneezing can be a way of communication? Dogs can sneeze in order to communicate with humans or other animals.

Dogs tend to sneeze while playing with fellow dogs or even humans. It's called play sneezing and it's just a positive sign that your pooch is having a great time!

Finally, dogs are smart creatures and they are able to "fake sneeze" if they want to get your attention!

Can it be more serious?

If your dog is sneezing a lot, showing nasal discharges, or seems in pain while sneezing, they need to be seen by a vet.

It could be a cold, a nasal infection, or a sign that something is obstructing their nasal passage.

As always, if your dog suddenly develops frequent sneezing it's best to get your vet to see them., Better safe than sorry!