Our "Working Dog Food" explained

There is a lot of confusion between ‘Working’ Dog Food and ‘Normal’ Dog Food and which is best to choose for your pets.

Here at MyPetSays our 15kg bags are labelled as Working Dog Food. The recipe, nutritional info and kibble are exactly the same as our 6kg and 12kg bags of dog food.

So, why is this? Often 15kg bags of dog food are labelled a Working Dog for VAT purposes which is why these are generally better value per money per kg. We do our best to pass on the saving to you wherever we can.

Of course, the nutritional requirements of dogs that have a working lifestyle will be greater than pet’s requirements (Higher Protein & Fat). So, it is important to ensure the dog, pet or working is fed the correct balance of these components in their complete food. Therefore we have a wide variety of recipes with variable Protein content. All our ingredients are listed on the

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