5 Winter paw care tips for your dog

How to protect your dog's paws from the cold, rain and snow this Winter? Here are our top 5 Winter paw care tips.

Protecting your dog's paws this Winter

Paw Grooming

Regular grooming is essential for healthy paws and feet. It's best to trim long-haired dogs to avoid them getting ice and salt crystals stuck, especially on their feet. 

Feet Cleaning

Clean, wipe and dry your dog's feet after every walk especially if they've been walking over rock salt.

Short walks

Opting for several short walks rather than a long one ensures that your dog won't have time to develop frostbite on their paws or hypothermia. 

Paw protection

If your dog's paws are getting visibly rough, dry or even chapped, it's a good idea to use a balm in order to moisturise and heal their precious paws.

Dog boots

You can also buy your dog a pair of boots to protect their feet from the cold but also from anything that may be hidden under the snow.


Remember, if you're cold, your dog is most likely as cold as you, so make sure to keep them indoors as much as possible and keep an eye on them when they're outside!