Can dogs eat cheese?

Have you ever wondered if it's safe for your dog to eat cheese? Find out in this blog post!

Can dogs eat cheese?

The answer is, yes BUT. Generally speaking, some types of cheese are safe for dogs to eat but your pooch should only be fed a tiny amount. Why? Because dogs are lactose-intolerant and they dairy intake should be kept to a minimum.

If your dog's stomach gets easily upset, it's probably best to avoid cheese. Same if they have pancreatitis, due to the high fat content in most cheeses.

What type of cheese is safe for dogs?

Can dogs eat blue cheese?

No, blue cheese is not safe. This type of cheese contains fungus which doesn't agree with dogs' digestive systems and can cause multiple reactions from vomiting to diarrhoea, fever and even seizures.

Can they eat cottage cheese?

Yes, dogs can eat small amounts of cottage cheese. Because it is lower in fat and sodium than many other cheeses, it's actually the best option for an occasional cheesy treat. 

How about cream cheese?

Plain cream cheese is safe, however many cream cheeses contain chives, onion or garlic which are all poisonous to dogs and should absolutely be avoided.


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