Introducing MyPetSays

MyPetSays is your new one-stop shop for everything your cat or dog may need!

Do your pet shop online in the comfort of your own home and find everything in one place, from pet foods to healthcare, toys, treats and more.

Why we started the MyPetSays adventure...

Our heart melts when we see a kitten and we stop and pet every dog we see. We are pet lovers indeed :)
We know that you want the best and only the best for your furry friends and we are committed to help you keep them safe, healthy and happy! 

The MyPetSays formula

Quality first

We've carefully selected our range of products and we're only offering the greatest quality. If you see something on our website, you know it's some good stuff.
You care about what your pets eat and so do we, which is why we're bringing out the best quality food possible for every preference and need. 

Value for money

We want to be accessible to any pet owner which is why we thrive to offer fair prices without compromising on the quality. By doing your pet shop on MyPetSays you save time and money: no need to drive to 3 different stores to get the best deals on different products. One online store, one full shop, bish bash bosh.
Plus, we'll always have some surprise deals and offers up our sleeves... The best way to never miss out is to subscribe to our email list :)

Brand selection

Whilst browsing on our website you'll come across well-established pet brands but you'll also find some niche or up and coming brands that are worth having a look at! Part of our mission it to help you discover more confidential, unique and high quality brands.

British touch

Being based in the UK, it's important for us to showcase the British heritage and support local brands. Your pets will love our British designer selection :)


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