Grain-free dog food: the right option for your pooch?

A healthy dog is a happy dog! One of the main priorities when it comes to taking care of your pooch is to give them foods they digest well and thrive on.

There's so many dog food options that picking the right one might seem tricky and you might need to adjust their diet until you find the perfect foods for them.

Grain-free dog food isn't only for dog who suffer from food allergies. Dogs can develop food sensitivities or just don't digest grains very well, which impacts their energy levels, happiness and overall health. If you're considering putting your pooch on a grain-free diet, keep reading! 

What is grain-free dog food?

Grain-free dog food is quite simply food made without using any cereal. Grain-free foods don't contain any wheat, oats, millet, rice...
But grain-free doesn't mean less tasty! Very often the cereals are replaced with a blend of vegetables and potatoes which give an appealing texture and delicious flavour to your dog's food.
Plus, dog-free foods are not carb-free as starchy vegetables are being used to ensure your dog's energy levels get replenished.

Should your dog go grain-free?

If you found out that your pooch is gluten intolerant then we can only recommend opting for grain-free dog food as many cereals contain gluten.
Such food intolerances are not very common but dogs can suffer from food sensitivities and not digest grains as easily as they should.
This is why more and more dog owners are moving away from grains after noticing that their dogs seem healthier and much more energetic on a grain-free diet.
Plus, if your dog is a fussy eater, grain-free foods are worth trying as they are often more appealing and palatable.

Is grain-free food puppy friendly?

Your main priority is to see your puppy grow into a healthy and happy dog. Your pup needs all the essential nutrients for their development, which they can find in grain-free puppy foods.
If you've started feeding them with grains and notice some signs of food intolerances then you might want to try grain-free foods.

What are the disadvantages?

The good news is, there isn't a single risk or disadvantage of going grain-free. Your dog will still get enough energy from the carbohydrates used (potatoes and starchy vegetables) as well as all the nutrients they need.

MyPetSays grain-free dog foods are as natural as possible, extremely palatable and contain the perfect balance of nutrients to keep your dog happy and healthy!


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