Can dogs eat eggs?
Once upon a time, dogs were all hunters and would eat raw eggs fallen from birds' nests. Nowadays, our furry friends don't need to do this anymore! But are there benefits to letting your dog eat eggs?

Are eggs safe for dogs?

Most dogs can safely eat eggs. However, it's important to ask your vet first, as some medical conditions could make their consumption unsafe.

Although eggs are packed with protein, healthy fats and a bunch of micronutrients, they should only be given as an occasional treats and can't replace proper dog food.

Can dogs eat raw eggs?

Feeding your dog raw eggs isn't recommended, mainly because dogs are at great risk of contracting salmonella. The symptoms range from fever to vomiting and diarrhoea. Plus, a dog owner giving raw eggs to their pouch would also risk being contaminated.

Moreover, eating raw eggs can create a biotin deficiency, as they contain an enzyme that stops biotin from being absorbed. Biotin is a key vitamin supporting healthy skin, optimal metabolism and digestion. 



How to feed your dog eggs

Cook eggs before giving them to your pooch. They be cooked or boiled without any oil, butter, seasoning, salt or spices.

The first time, give them only one egg and watch for any sign of egg allergy or digestive issues, such as vomiting.

Just like any human foods that are safe for dogs, eggs should be treats. So treat your dog once in a while with an organic, free-range boiled egg!



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