Can my dog drink milk? Is milk a good calcium source for dogs?

Fact: dogs need calcium. But is milk a safe option for dogs? If you're wondering if you should let your pooch drink milk, keep reading. 

Why do dogs need calcium?

Calcium is an essential mineral for humans as well as for dogs. Calcium plays a huge role in maintaining bone health, teeth health. It also helps with muscle contractions.

Is milk a recommended source of calcium for dogs?

The main reason why giving milk to dogs is not recommended is because most dogs are lactose intolerant. Which means that drinking milk could actually do more harm than good and make them bloated, gassy or sick. 

What signs indicate that my dog is calcium deficient?

If your dog is not growing at its normal rate, is lethargic or has bone or joint issues, we recommend taking them to the vets as these could be signs of calcium deficiency. 

On the other end, too much calcium isn't good either. It could indeed lead to joint and bone issues such as hip dysplasia or kidney stones.

Do dogs need calcium supplements?

Unless they are pregnant or suffering from severe deficiencies, dogs can get enough calcium from their regular diet. Calcium is indeed present in many vegetables (broccoli, fennel...) as well as meat. 

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As puppies need enough calcium to support their growth, we've made sure that our puppy recipes cater to their specific nutrient requirements.