MyPetSays Grain Free Dog Food Range

Discover MyPetSays Grain Free Dog food range and all the benefits of our delicious grain free recipes. 

What are the benefits of MyPetSays Grain Free dog foods?

MyPetSays Grain Free Dog Food range features a selection of the finest, freshly prepared and highly digestible animal protein sources such as chicken, salmon or turkey.

This is the most suitable range for dogs with grain intolerance/sensitivity. It contains sweet potato and potato, which are excellent alternatives to grains and great sources of complex carbohydrates. 

Some of our grain free dog food recipes feature a blend of pre-biotics: MOS (Mannan-oligosaccharides) & FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) which promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria.

Finally, the range contains no Added Artificial Colours & Preservatives.

What are the most popular Grain Free Dog Food recipes?

Our Grain Free Puppy Food Salmon, Haddock & Blue Whiting, with Sweet Potato & Asparagus is pup's absolute favourite! This recipe contains 60% responsibly sourced fish with at least 26% freshly prepared salmon, haddock & blue whiting. These highly digestible protein sources are rich in fatty acids and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Our Grain Free Chicken, Sweet Potato & Herbs is the second best-seller in the range. This class recipes is made of 55% chicken with at least 26% freshly prepared chicken, which is a highly digestible protein source.

Our 3rd most popular product is the Grain Free Puppy Chicken with Sweet Potato, Carrots & Peas

Is there a Grain Free recipe for every dog?


Check out our Grain Free Puppy options. We even have some special recipes for small breed and large breed pups. 

We have 17 delicious grain free recipes for adult dogs including large breed and small breed.

Finally, look at these tasty options for your senior dog