Discover our 3 new MyPetSays Superfood 65 recipes!

Our Superfood 65 range has just become even better with new 3 delicious and nutritious recipes, including two for small breed adult dogs! Keep reading to discover the new flavours!

3 reasons to choose MyPetSays Superfood 65

High animal content

All our Superfood 65 recipes feature 65% animal content with at least 35% freshly prepared meat or fish.

Highest quality protein

Superfood 65 is our highest quality range due to the quality of the protein, from Scottish Salmon to Free Range Chicken or Angus Beef.

The raw contents are gently cooked through our Freshtrusion process which preserves the quality of the nutrients, especially of the valuable protein.

Superfood blend 

Each Superfood 65 recipe features a blend of 5 superfoods which are packed with vitamins and minerals and full of benefits to support your pooch's health and wellbeing.

Discover our brand new Superfood 65 recipes

Superfood 65 Adult Dog Free Range Turkey and Pork

This recipe containes 65% turkey and pork with 35% freshly prepared Free-Range Turkey. The superfood blend is: Parsley, Papaya, Nettle, Courgette & Pumpkin providing Vitamin A, B, C, K and Iron.

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Superfood 65 Small Breed Adult Dog Free Range Turkey and Pork

The same recipe but adapted to the nutritional needs of smaller dogs and with a smaller kibble that is easier to grab and chew for tiny jaws!

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Superfood 65 Small Breed Adult Dog Scottish Salmon

Following on the success of our Scottish Salmon recipes for adult dogs and puppies, we have developed a new version especially for small breed adult dogs, with the perfect nutritional profile and kibble size to help small breeds thrive.

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