Make the most of your MyPetSays food subscription

Do you have a MyPetSays food subscription or are you thinking of setting one up? Here's everything you need to know to make the most of this handy service!

MyPetSays subscription: how does it work?

In short, instead of placing a one-off order, you can set up a subscription to receive your pet food regularly and save on every order. You can choose your frequency, from every week to every 8 months. We have made our subscription service as flexible as possible, offering you the option to pause, cancel, change the order date or swap products anytime. Find out more below!

What you can do with your subscription

How to manage your subscription

Please ensure to activate your account. You will have received an account activation email from us, simply click through the link inside to activate your subscription account. Lost the email? Activate your account here. Once logged in, you can manage your subscription via the Manage Subscription tab.

How you get notified of your next order

You will receive an email reminder from us the day before your next order. Please ensure to have in your contact list so that the email doesn't go to your spam folder. We send you a reminder so that you can make any amendments via your account before it's too late! Please note, any changes must be made before 10am on the day of the order, otherwise they might not be taken into account.

Want to swap product?

You can easily do it via your account. You have the option to swap product, simply select the product you want to receive on your next order.

Running out sooner than expected?

You can change your next order date and bring it forward. Or if your dog/cat is eating less than expect, you can also push the date back.

PS: The date you see on your account is the order date, not the delivery date.

Need to change the frequency of delivery?

It's also something you can easily change via your account, but please note: changing the frequency does not automatically amend the next order date. You will need to manually update both the order interval and the next order date.

If we spot that you haven't changed the next order date we will email you to let you know, but we are a small team with a fast-increasing amount of subscriptions so we are not always able to notice these things!

Want to pause or cancel?

You will be able to do this via your account. Please ensure to do so by 10am on the day of the next order to ensure the update is recorded. 

Final tip:

We strongly advise to make changes as soon as possible, as once a subscription order automatically goes through we are unable to cancel or change it. We have made is super easy for you to make changes via your account so that you can simply log in and do it.

We hope these tips will help you get the most out of your subscription and tailor it to you and your pet's needs!