How much protein do dogs need every day?

Protein is an essential macronutrient in your dog's diet, but do you know what protein is for and how much your pooch should be getting every day? Here's everything you need to know about protein.

What is the role of protein in your dog's diet?

Protein is a vital macronutrient and plays multiple roles, from supporting your dog's bone health, nervous function, cell regeneration, wound healing, muscle function and so much more.

Not only does a dog getting less protein than they need will experience weight loss, a lacklustre coat and lack of energy, but there is a serious risk of long-term health issues.

How much protein does a dog need every day?

The protein content of a healthy dog's diet should be between 20 and 30%. This ratio will fulfil their required protein intake and is recommended for optimal health.

However the daily protein requirement varies according to your dog's life stage. Puppies can have slightly more protein to support their growth rate and development, which is why our puppy recipes are a little higher in protein. On the other hand, senior dogs tend to be less active and their protein needs decrease with age. For this reason, the protein content in senior dog food is on the lower end, closer to 20%.

Finally, some dogs suffering with specific health conditions may need to lower their protein intake and will be put on a specific low-protein diet by their vet.   

Is all protein the same?

The quality of protein varies based on the source. If you see "meat-by product" on a dog food label, this is a red flag. But if you can read the exact protein source and the %, then you know what makes up the protein content.

Here at MyPetSays we only use human-grade ingredients and we commit to full transparency when it comes to our recipes. You can see the exact ingredient list and the composition on every product page, so that you know exactly what you're feeding your dog!