What are the main differences between our Small Breed and Regular dog food?

The kibble size

Our small breed recipes have a smaller kibble size which makes them easier to eat by small breed dogs, who have a narrower jaw. It is also easier on their digestive system.

The calorie content

Small breeds tend to have a faster metabolism which means that they have a greater energy requirement per kg of bodyweight than regular breeds. Which is why our small breed recipes are slightly higher in calories and always well-balanced to ensure the perfect combination of protein, carbs and fats.

Small breed dogs don't need to eat more (and physically can't eat as much as regular breeds), they just need higher density food to replace the energy their expend. 

Unsure about the recommended quantities? Check our feeding guide for every single recipe, which you can find on every product page on our website (in the images) or the back of your MyPetSays dog food.

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