MyPetSays most popular low-fat dog food recipes

Have you been advised to put your dog on a low-fat diet? Find out more about our most popular recipes that are low in fat but high in flavours and nutrients!

How to check the fat % of a MyPetSays recipe?

You can see the full composition including the fat% on each product page, both in the product description and in the images.

What is considered low-fat dog food?

We typically consider that a food containing up to 10% fat is considered low-fat and suitable for dogs needing to go on a low-fat diet.

What are the best-selling MyPetSays low-fat dog foods?

Our range currently offers 16 low-fat dog food recipes.

Our most popular low-fat recipe for adult dogs is the Super Premium Salmon and Potato with 10% crude fat and 353kcal/100g. Although low in fat, it still contains enough fatty acids from the Salmon to fulfill your pooch's Omega 3 and 6 requirements. 

Is your dog on a grain-free diet? Our Grain Free Adult Light recipes are always a hit. We have a Trout & Salmon option for fish lovers or a Turkey recipe.

Are you looking for a low-fat recipe for your senior dog? The Super Premium Senior Light recipe is perfect if your pooch loves fish and rice. With only 8% fat and a joint care pack to support joint health, it is the perfect recipe to help manage your senior dog's weight.

Another alternative is the Naturals Senior Light Dog Food - Turkey & Rice, perfect for dogs who need hypoallergenic food or have a sensitive digestive track. 

Discover our whole low-fat dog food range here.