What are the fastest dog breeds?

Wondering how speedy dogs can get? Here are the fastest dog breeds by weight range!

The fastest dog up to 30 pounds is...

The Whippet! Similar to a Greyhound, just a bit smaller, the Whippet can speed up to 35 miles per hour.

Almost as fast is the Jack Russell. Very flexible and full of energy, this breed excels at obstacle courses.

The fastest dog up between 30 and 60 pounds is...

The Vizsla! Hunter at heart, this high-energy breed is fast and has loads of endurance. The Vizsla can run around 40 miles per hour.

The second fastest dog breed in this weight bracket is the Dalmatian, speedy and full of energy. A great companion if you love running and outdoor adventures! 

The fastest dog up over 60 pounds is...

The Greyhound, reaching 45 miles per hour! Not only is this breed speedy but it is also very agile, making it great at competing in various dog sports alongside being a great family dog. This dog can jump, so ensure to have a high enough fence!

The German Shepherd is a strong runner up who puts their speed and alertness to good use by working with the police or rescue services.