The vegetables your dog can and can't eat

After our very popular blog post about the fruits that are and aren't safe for your pooch to eat, let's talk about veggies! Do you know which vegetables your dog can and can't eat?

The vegetables your dog can eat


Yes, your dog can eat broccoli in small quantities, to avoid any gastric irritation. It is a good source of fibre and  vitamin C.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are safe for dogs to eat and they are full of nutrients. However, don't let your dog eat too much of them as they could become very gassy. We've warned you!


Yes! Carrots are an amazing low-calorie snack, not to mention that crunching is great for your dog’s teeth.


Yes, your pooch can eat celeri and benefit from all its nutrients. Celery is also known to help keep their breath fresh. 


Green peas, sugar snap peas, garden peas... all peas are safe for dogs to eat! Not only they contain many vitamins & minerals but they are also a good source of protein and fiber. However, avoid canned peas due to their high sodium content.

The vegetables your dog cannot eat


Only a small amount of mushroom species are toxic but they can be fatal. Letting your dog eat wild mushrooms is just not worth the risk. White button mushrooms from the supermarket can be OK but it's best to stay on the safe side.

Onions & Garlic

Dogs should stay away from onions, garlic and the whole Allium family (leeks, chives...). These plants are pure poison for most pets especially cats & dogs. Onions can cause their red blood cells to rupture and can also lead to serious stomach issues.

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