5 must-haves for your labrador

Loyal, smart and affectionate, labradors are loved by everyone and are the ideal dog breed for many families. Keep them healthy and happy, and they'll make you even happier. Here are our 5 favourite products to take good care of your labrador.

The 5 essentials to keep your labrador happy

1. A comfy bed

After playing, running around and entertaining the family, your labrador deserves a rest in one of the comfiest beds out there: a Danish Design Slumber bed. Soft but durable, elegant but practical, this bed is fully machine washable. Make sure to measure your dog but for a labrador we'd recommend the Large size. We love the Fairisle Pebble Deluxe print but you can check out the rest of their collection here.

2. A multi use fetch toy

Keep your labrador entertained and develop their agility with this Flying Disc from PLAY. Designed to spin through the air and float on water, it's the ideal toy for dogs who love to run, play and swim!

3. A warm coat

Labradors are bred for the cold weather, however a little comfort and protection from the rain doesn't hurt, especially if they are ageing or tend to have a weak immune system. Why not get your labrador this Waggles Dog coat? Featuring an elegant antique leather style, this showerproof dog coat ideal for the wet British weather. 
The adjustable velcro strap around the tummy ensures a perfect fit. To choose the right size, measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.


4. Delicious and nutritious foods

Every dog needs to maintain a balanced diet to stay healthy and full of energy. With that in mind, MyPetSays premium food range combines delicious flavours, high quality ingredients and the perfect balance of nutrients.
Your labrador would love our Super Premium lamb & rice  food. On a grain free diet? No problem, we have a variety of grain free options. The Chicken, sweet potato and herbs is our best seller!

5. A luxury shampoo

Keep your labrador's coat soft and shiny with the famous Super Shine dog shampoo from Fuzzyard!
Its lush combination of Tangerine and Rosemary Oils smells amazing and gives your dog an incredibly smooth and glossy coat.